International consensus guidelines by Perry et al. for FEIBA prophylaxis1

"The reported benefits of long-term prophylaxis in haemophilia patients without inhibitors have resulted in a greater enthusiasm amongst clinicians to consider the use of prophylaxis with bypassing agents in patients with inhibitors."1

An international panel of clinicians experienced in the management of inhibitor patients convened to examine the current state of knowledge regarding the application of FEIBA prophylaxis in haemophilia A patients with inhibitors and to formulate consensus recommendations that draw on both published evidence and their collective clinical experience.1

The consensus recommendations provide practical guidance to clinicians considering initiating and maintaining FEIBA prophylaxis in children or adult patients.1 The algorithm focuses specifically on patient selection, dosing, monitoring and stopping criteria.


  1. 1. Perry D, Berntorp E, Tait C, Dolan G, Holme P, Laffan M, et al. FEIBA prophylaxis in haemophilia patients: a clinical update and treatment recommendations. Haemophilia. 2010:16:80-89.


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