Pro-FEIBA Study Quality-of-Life results

To determine the impact of prophylaxis with FEIBA (Factor VIII Inhibitor Bypassing Activity), health-related quality of life (HRQoL) was assessed using the Short-Form (SF)-36 Health Survey and the EQ-5D questionnaire in subjects aged ≥ 14 years. 18 of 19 patients completed the SF-36 survey and 16/19 completed the EQ-5D questionnaire before and after the on-demand therapy and prophylaxis periods.1

Subjects considered good responders (≥ 50% reduction in bleeding frequency) trended toward improved HRQoL while receiving FEIBA prophylaxis when compared to on-demand treatment, with some domains reaching statistical significance.1

  • A general trend toward improved HRQoL after prophylaxis was observed for the 18 evaluable patients in all SF-36 dimensions except for vitality/energy and physical functioning.1
  • After prophylaxis, good responders (n = 12) exhibited statistically and clinically significant differences in the SF-36 physical component score (P = 0.021), role-physical (P = 0.042), bodily pain (P = 0.015), and social functioning (P = 0.036).1
  • In all evaluable subjects, EQ-5D health profile demonstrated a trend toward improvement after prophylaxis (n = 16)(ns).1
    • Improvements did not differ from those observed after on-demand treatment among patients identified as good responders (n = 11).1
  • During prophylaxis, patients missed a significantly fewer mean number of days (4.2 vs. 19.3) from school or work because of bleeding than during on-demand treatment (P = 0.01).1
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ns=not significant


  1. 1. Gringeri A, Leissinger C, Cortesi PA, et al. Health-related quality of life in patients with haemophilia and inhibitors on prophylaxis with anti-inhibitor complex concentrate: results from the Pro-FEIBA study. Haemophilia. 2013;19:736-743.

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