Unique crossover arm study design

Reflects the general inhibitor patient population

The Pro-FEIBA Study was an investigator-initiated, prospective, randomised, crossover arm study conducted at 16 haemophilia treatment centres in Europe and the United States. It compared 6 months of FEIBA prophylaxis with 6 months of on-demand therapy.1

Inclusion criteria

  • Severe haemophilia A and a history of a FVIII inhibitor titre >5 Bethesda Unit (BD)
  • >2 years of age
  • Currently treated with bypassing therapy
  • ≥6 bleeding episodes requiring treatment in the 6 months prior to enrollment

Study Design1

  • Subjects were randomly assigned to study arms with no selection bias related to bleed frequencies1
  • During the 3-month wash-out period prior to crossover, intercurrent bleeding was managed using the on-demand protocol1
  • An independent safety review was also conducted
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  1. 1 Leissinger C, Gringeri A, Antmen B, et al. Anti-inhibitor coagulant complex prophylaxis in hemophilia with inhibitors. N Engl J Med. 2011; 365:1684-1692.

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