Bonn Protocol Treatment Guidelines: The use of FEIBA during ITI

For more than 30 years, FEIBA has been a component of the Bonn ITI regimen.1,2

Dosing for FEIBA prophylaxis during ITI per Bonn protocol for patients with bleeding tendency*

  • FVIII 100 IU/kg twice daily
  • FEIBA 50 U/kg twice daily
  • Discontinue FEIBA when inhibitor titre <1BU1**

*Bleeding tendency in the Bonn protocol is defined as more than six bleeds over six months.

**The local prescribing information may differ from these Bonn Protocol guidelines.


  1. 1. Gomperts ED, Astermark J, Gringeri A, Teitel J. From theory to practice: applying current clinical knowledge and treatment strategies to the care of hemophilia A patients with inhibitors. Blood Reviews 2008; 22(Suppl 1), S1-S11.
  2. 2. Brackmann HH, Oldenburg J, Schwaab R. Immune tolerance for the treatment of factor VIII inhibitors—twenty years' 'Bonn protocol'. Vox Sang. 1996;70(suppl 1):30-35.

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