Demonstrated efficacy and tolerability of FEIBA in acquired haemophilia

Case study: 64-year-old male with soft tissue bleed and diffuse bleeding1

Patient history:

  • Associated conditions include melanoma and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Platelet count is normal, APTT >120
  • FVIII levels were low (<1%) and inhibitor titre level was 1350 BU


  • A chest CVC insertion and tooth extraction
  • FEIBA was used to control a soft-tissue bleed and diffuse bruising
  • Additional immunosuppressants


  • Treatment response was excellent
  • No adverse effects


  1. 1. Holme PA, Brosstad F, Tjønnfjord GE. Acquired haemophilia: management of bleeds and immune therapy to eradicate autoantibodies. Haemophilia. 2005:11:510-515.

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