A unique and sustained mode of action

FEIBA is a unique composition of coagulation factors1-4

  • Provides both factor II (prothrombin) and factor Xa for rapid and sustained thrombin generation1,2
    • Rapid onset (peak at 15 to 30 minutes) of thrombin generation in an in vitro assay1,2
    • Factor II has demonstrated a prolonged half-life of about 72 hours2
  • Thrombin generation returns to baseline value 8-12 hours after a single dose of FEIBA2
  • Contains additional factors that target multiple sites within the coagulation system to help maintain the coagulation process1,4

Distinct modes of action

  • Restores haemostasis through multiple modes of action, including thrombin generation on the platelet surface1,2,4,5
  • Promotes thrombin generation by mechanisms different from other products and may differ in individual cases—from patient to patient and even from bleed to bleed6-9

Watch the unique mode of action of FEIBA

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